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West Cemetery

on 5/25/2012

The West Cemetery, formerly known as the Paddy Lincoln Cemetery, is located on the south side of Gorwin Drive between the two intersections of Gorwin Drive and Karen Circle in Holliston, MA.

The attached Name Index and Layout for the West Cemetery were prepared in August 2010. The Name Index is sorted first by last name, then by first name and then by middle name or middle initial.  Several stones were inscribed with initials only.  These were entered in the last name column of the Name Index.  In a few cases, a number appears with the initials on a stone, such as “No. 6” appearing over “A.W.” on a stone.  The initials were entered in the last name column and the number was entered next to it in the first name column of the Name Index.  Some stones were inscribed with just a first name or an honorific such as “Father” or “Mother”.  These were entered in the first name column of the Name Index and appear at the end of the Name Index.

The Layout is laid out facing east (east at the top, west at the bottom).

EXAMPLE:  Open the Index,  look for CHAMBERLIAN, Enoch.  The location code is F3.  Open the layout spreadsheet, go across the top to column E, scroll down the rows to row 3.  This is Enoch's relative location in the cemetery.  He is in the left rear corner.

FOR SMARTPHONE USERS: We have condensed the information into a smaller file which is viewable from a small screen device.  We have divided the cemetery up into a 5x5 grid.  Locations are like on a map.  The letters are left/right, the numbers are back/front.  You are starting at the left back corner (A1).

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