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President's Message

A Message from the Past President:

In 2000, first-born in stroller, we attended our first Harvest Fair at the Holliston Historical Society.  Our family joined that day, and in the years since then the Harvest Fair and the other great events at the Society have become integral parts of our life and the source of many wonderful memories.  And now another fall has passed, with a beautiful day for our Harvest Fair, and a successful Oktoberfest.

There is a lot going on at the Holliston Historical Society.  There is a new focus on our collections, with two new display cases in the house where we can highlight and share some very interesting things!  Also there are exciting new efforts to connect our holdings to Holliston landmarks with QR codes.  These little symbols link to our web site, which along with a new presence on Twitter and Facebook are doing great things to get the word out about the Society and all the things we offer.

2012 marks the 200thBirthday of the Asa Whiting house.  Early in November we held a celebration of this momentous occasion for our members.  It was a fun gathering with informative talks and delicious cake.  And as a birthday present to the house, we have converted to a new more efficient gas furnace—part of the Society’s ongoing commitment to preserve our beautiful property as it enters its third century!

I am honored to serve as President of the Holliston Historical Society this year.   I look forward to working, learning, and having fun with all the dedicated and interesting people who make up our Society!

Judy Grosjean