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Central Burying Ground

on 5/17/2012

Addendum September 10, 2012 -- The name index was updated by visiting the Central Burying Ground and reading the markers.  In general, only information found on the gravestone was included.  In cases where the stone was not easily readable some information from the Holliston Vital Records to 1850 was included.  We are grateful to Ms. Susan Heavner and Ms. Mary Curran for performing the field work and providing this first-hand data.

The Central Burying Ground, is located on the west side of Washington Street (Route 16) adjacent to the Holliston Town Hall, 703 Washington Street, across from the intersection of Elm Street and Washington Street.

The attached Name Index and Layout for the Central Burying Ground were prepared in 2010 and 2011. The index spreadsheet contains the row and column number in the layout spreadsheet for the deceased. The names appearing on the Civil War monument on the front lawn of Town Hall adjacent to the cemetery are shown on the layout.  The Layout is laid out facing west (east at the bottom, west at the top).

EXAMPLE:  Open the Index,  look for ADAMS, Abby B.  The location code is AW123.  Open the layout spreadsheet, go across the top to column AW, scroll down the rows to row 123.  This is Abby's relative location in the cemetery.  She is approximately 1/3 of the way from the Town Hall ramp (at the east side of building) and 1/5 of the way back from Washington Street.

FOR SMARTPHONE USERS: We have condensed the information into a smaller file which is viewable from a small screen device.  We have divided the cemetery up into a 5x5 grid.  Locations are like on a map.  The letters are left/right, the numbers are back/front.  You are starting at the left back corner (A1).

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